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Further to the Board of Directors' decision dated April 22nd 2008, subsequently amended with the decisions dated November 13th 2008, March 22th 2012, March 14th 2013, March 22th 2016, July 25th 2017 and March 22th 2018, subsequently amended by act of the Managing Director dated June 18th 2018 and July 16th 2019 and by resolution of the Board of Directors dated November 12th 2020 and dated 17 March 2022, Manuli Rubber Industries S.p.A. (hereinafter the "Company") adopted a system of rules, defined as Organizational, Management and Control Model, in observance of the Italian law, and more precisely of the Italian Legislative Decree dated June 8th 2001, n. 231.

The lately amended Organizational Model responds to requirements of prevention, and constitutes a performance of a duty imposed by the Italian law on all corporate bodies, companies and associations, even those deprived of legal status, that may be summarized as a duty for an entity to avoid commission of some typologies of crimes and thus to organize itself in an adequate manner for such purpose.

The Company has also adopted the Guidelines of Organizational, Management and Control Model. With these Guidelines, the Company intends to communicate to proper foreign controlled affiliates and to the personnel posted abroad the fact of having adopted the Model, and to appeal to the Group's personnel to observe the rules therein contained (save for respect of laws and principles that rule those issues in analogous way in a country of reference).

The Guidelines are in particular addressed to sensitize the current personnel of foreign companies, that find themselves to perform under the management or surveillance of MRI's top level management or in relations of co-workers with MRI's personnel.

Download the PDF for the most updated version of the Guidelines of Organizational, Management and Control Model.